About Scarborough


Split between two picturesque coastal bays, the North Yorkshire town of Scarborough is quite literally surrounded by beauty.

The original (older) part of the town is clustered around the still fully operational harbour in the South Bay, whereas the more recently constructed suburbs are perched on the cliffs above.

The town boasts several stretches of inviting sand as well as its famous promenade which links the North and South Bays, one of a number of examples of the imposing Victorian architecture that Scarborough is known for and that can be seen wherever you go in the old town.

Achieving fame in the past for a song about its fair, Scarborough is still somewhere to look for interesting purchases with its wide selection of shops and markets, but it is also a place to be entertained whatever your tastes.

Alongside the arcades that pepper the sea-front there are several lively theatres, one of which has been the spiritual home to Alan Ayckbourn - merely one of the country's finest playwrights! - for decades.

There is obviously a rich vein of creativity being tapped in Scarborough for it is home to a myriad of artists and musicians whose work is showcased all over town - the annual music festival that takes place on the beach certainly pulls in the crowds, as does the town's autumn jazz festival.

The promenade is set to become the location of a large and somewhat controversial steel sculpture that is said to represent a breaking wave; there are also galleries, museums and ornamental gardens to be enjoyed for those looking to explore - all of which combines to give Scarborough a vibrant yet laid-back ambience.